Team building events

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Team building events


The 4 main reasons to why You should host your team building events at Escape Room Factory where we have a strategic team game X-maze, 3 escape rooms and a 9 track adventure park.


1. Fun

Our entertainment centre offers a variety of choices for your event. All of our services are fun for all ages and are good for introducing people or to advance teamwork. The games can help you to find the best and worst sides in people. You can see who acts like a leader, who is a team player and who likes to work alone.


2. Courses, after which you can immediately integrate the things you have learned.

We work together with the team from AESTIA who offer many different courses which help to build team trust, strategic thinking and teamwork. Before visiting our games you can book a course package and then try the things you learn out in the escape rooms.


3. Our strategic team game X-Maze gives all the team members a chance to show their skills in different task solving games.

In X-Maze every team member has to solve an individual task but with the help from their team mates. X-Maze is great for strategy building, communication  and raises motivation.


4. After visiting our entertainment centre you can analyse how the teams did and which aspects you can still work on.

The entire team will get to know each other on different circumstances and will make them more comfortable with each other making the workspace a lot more easier to adapt to and also gives a boost to communication.

Also look at our packages and maybe you find one of our awesome packages to come and visit us.

In addition, here you can find our special offers and don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media accounts.

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