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Course programs: Quality, free form that suits everyones taste. Communication, arguments, posting a great argument while communicating.


1. Leading a Team – Leading a good team requires great communication, setting the same goals and a lot of empathy. It’s important to realise that leading does not always mean to regulate the tiniest of details, but to give the team members the freedom to make choices and decisions which they think are best. In this course we centre around the dynamics of a team from a a theoretical and practical nuances.


2. Public speaking – Public speaking requires courage. The courage to speak your mind loud and clearly. And at times with more soul and apathy. Excersices for writing a speech( the simpler ones a.la elevator pitch). Also will try them out on the spot. At the end of the day the most important thing is that your voice is clear and forehead dry.


3. Team Building – Often it might seem, that some teams somehow work good by themselves, but on the other hand another team with the same structure can’t produce the same scores. With this course we discuss the ways on how to build a team that works on trust, common values and goals.


4. Inspiration – When talking about inspiring people and employees, the usual thought goes to cliche quotes and motivational speakers. Usually the one motivational speaker will inspire people for only that day. In this course we want to offer the participants the chance to get inspired by everyday things, talking through the topic by a practical view.


5. Time management – Time is one of the few resources that you cannot get more of, store or reuse. That means that its very important to use all the time effectively . In this course we talk about how to take the maximum of your time and achieve better results through understanding and changing your everyday habits.


6. Problem solving – Every day we have to solve problems – individually and with a team. Every unsolved problem creates another problem and every new problem brings out the ones before it. In this course we focus on preventing the problems, conflict solving stages and different possibilities of problem solving.


7. Critical thinking – Nowadays one of the key skills is critical thinking, which helps you to work well in different life situations. The same applies for teamwork , where making descisions together has to be preceded by arguments focused on facts. In this Course  we look through ways and ideas , how to build your descicion process.


8. Moderation/Facilitation – Team discussions have to be thought through and focused on a clear point. We will help your team to find good ideas an with puzzle games we are going to play through.

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