Corporate Events

Amazing Corporate Events at Escape Room Factory.

Corporate Events


Escape Room Factorys entertainment centre offers corporate events to every taste. Be it a Christmas party, team event or a colleagues birthday party. The group can enjoy their free time in our rustic industrial themed lounge areas. We can host up to 50 people at the same time.


In Escape Room Factorys entertainment centre we have an industrial styled bar. Where you can order drinks to your liking. We offer an opportunity to pre-order beverages of your liking in the case of a welcoming drink and etc.


Hosting your corporate event in our centre will be very diverse. We have 3 escape rooms, and adventurous game X-Maze and a 9 course climbing park. All of our offers can be combined with each other to best suit your needs.


To book your corporate event please call us or send an e-mail with a description of your needs and visions for the event.


Look at our packages and find which one suits your needs the most.


In addition, here you can find our special offers and don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media accounts.


Escape Rooms


Escaperoom is a riddle based environment, where you have to find clues. Solve puzzles and converse with your team mates to escape in time. Commonly one room fits a small group of people – one game last approximately 60 minutes. More and more rooms have started to incorporate a theme that the main focus is not to escape the room but to achieve some other goal.Example hold off an theoretical nuclear bomb  or solving a crime.


Adventure park


Our Adventure park puts your balance and physical strength to test. Come and travel through 9 courses right above our centre. The safety instructions will be given at the spot together with safety equipment.




X-Maze consists of 4 worlds – each world has many rooms. The gamemaster will introduce your team a room and then you will have to pick one of your team members who shall solve the task. If the task is solved in time and correctly you will earn an X – an object that will each give you 5 seconds in the final room.

When you reach the last room, you will count how many X’s you have gathered and then it will all be added up and you will be sent to the final room. Where you have to gather points as fast as you can with the time you have gathered.

The team that gathered the most points in a season and finishes  in the 1st place on the scoreboard will be rewarded.

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