2-6 players

60 min

50€ / 75€ / 95€

Strategic team game X-Maze

In X-Maze you have to choose one team member before entering a room.  We will give you a hint of what the task in the room might be like. When the task is completed successfully you will earn an X – objects that will come into play in the final room of the game.

Each X that you have earned will reward you with 5 seconds – we will add all the time up and then let you into the last room. In the time given your team must gather as many points as possible – after that we will tally up the score and if you end up in the scoreboard and if by the end of the season your team is still in the lead you shall earn great rewards from our parteners!

Preparations for X-Maze:

1. Put together a team of 2-6 people. There are many rooms but only one person you have chosen can enter a room at a time. The others will have to help from the outside.

2. 4 different worlds! Every task is somehow based on the theme of the world. Sport,Puzzle, Extreme and Skills.

3. 17 Different rooms. Every room has a different solving time. A gamemaster is with you at all times who will give you hints of what is in the room.

4. For every successful task you will gain an X.

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