2-6 players

60 min

45€ / 60€ / 75€

The legend goes

You’re a group of university students. Your professor Hannibal Lecter has been leading your psychology class for months. After an extensive exam, a member of your group stays behind to discuss the exam results with Dr.Lecter. As the day passes you start to worry, because you haven’t heard from your group mate for several hours. Some of you have noticed the mysterious behaviour of professor Lecter and you start to suspect that he has something to do with the disappearance of your group member. You gather your group and decide to professor Letters office to look for the missing member. What happens next? Book a time and find out!

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Tartu mnt 80J, Tallinn, 10112
+372 5103162

Parimad ajad

    37:37 SAKU/TARTU

    39:46 CAISA


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