2-6 players

60 min

45€ / 60€ / 75€

The legend goes

You’ve spent an amazing weekend in the city of sin Las Vegas. Last night was a blast, but it seems the blast blew away your memories of that night. You can’t exactly remember how the night ended and one of your friends is missing from the hotel room. Suddenly a phone rings, you take the phone and there is 1 new message. The message says “ If you want to see your friend again you have to pay 100 000 € – You have 60 minutes”. Gather your friends and start your quest. Your task is to rob a casino but the casino is no average casino. Come and see for yourself.

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Parimad ajad

    26:04 SHOT GUNZ

    36:53 DICECLAN

    38:32 STARSHIP MFG

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